April 26, 2020

Episode 4: When Do Muscle Shrink?

Back in 2005, there were quite a lot of questions about when do you start to lose muscle mass?  Who knew, in a few short years, we'd be facing another situation where that question would come up again.  Now back in 2005 when I recorded this on a cool service that let you dial in your audio, I still find it relevant today.  Key things to remember:

  • Strength loss is much faster than actual muscle loss
  • You will feel like you'd lost muscle but in fact you have not
  • Keep working out in any capacity you can to preserve muscle
  • Keep your protein intake up

As I bang this out and upload it, I'm doing a lot of TRX and conditioning work.  Feeling good but I know my strength has decreased.  But as far as actual muscle mass?  Minor if any.  And muscle memory is real!  Hitting the gym, it won't take long nearly as long for things to return as they took to initially build.

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