April 5, 2020

Episode 3: 3 Day Classic Muscle with Tom Venuto

3 Day Classic Muscle is an advanced weight training program designed to build muscle with shape, symmetry and aesthetics. The program is ideal for recreational bodybuilders, competitive bodybuilders, physique enthusiasts, figure or fitness athletes and anyone else who wants more muscle.

Join me as I speak with friend and mentor, Tom Venuto about the 3 Day Classic Muscle bodybuilding program!

About Tom Venuto:

Tom Venuto is lifetime natural bodybuilding and fitness author. He's written two books on fat loss and body transformation, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle and The Body Fat Solution along with writing hundreds of articles and maintaining a fat loss blog.  Tom is the CEO of the best fat loss support community, the Burn the Fat Inner Circle.  Tom is also the creator of the 3 Day Classic Muscle program.  He's also a personal friend and I've had the pleasure of learning from somebody who loves bodybuilding more than I do.

Introduction to 3 Day Classic Muscle in This Podcast Interview:

  • What is 3-Day Classic Muscle?
  • What does the "3-Days" mean?
  • How long do you follow the program?
  • Why is it called classic?
  • What equipment is required?
  • How many days per week should you train?
  • How are the body parts divided on the 3-Day Classic Muscle split?
  • Can you change how you group the muscles together in the 3-day split?
  • How does the 3 on 1 off schedule work? (rotating schedule)
  • What if you want the same training days and off days every week? (fixed schedule)
  • What do you do after you finish the first 28 day block?
  • Is it OK to substitute different exercises?
  • How long should the workouts last?
  • What’s in Phase 2 and Phase 3?
  • Nutrition specific to the 3 Day Classic Muscle..  Better on a bulk or cut or fits any goal?
  • Cardio Specific to the 3 Day Classic Muscle plan
  • How ridged are the Phases?

Reader Questions:

  1. What advice can you give to older lifters?  50+? Every program I read is addressed to people in their 20s or 30s. What should we do? Any hope for us older folks?
  2. What can you do if you have a specific body part, for example arms, that just doesn't seem to respond the way the rest of your body is responding as far as growth?
  3. How do you diet down to that 8-10% range without crashing your libido?

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